Paul’s Letter to the Philippians – LGNT-2nd-ed


Paul’s Letter to the Philippians. Translation guide by David Harris Walker.  The LEARNER’S GREEK NEW TESTAMENT Series. 2nd Edition.  113 pages.  View Sneak Peek: LGNT-PEEK-INSIDE-Philippians

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To take a brief look into each volume, click the book cover and then click the PEEK INSIDE link.

If you acquire all 21 volumes in one purchase, you save 33% and pay only $4.71 a book when you opt for the Full set at one time.

All volumes in The LEARNER’S GREEK NEW TESTAMENT Series are in zip format to allow a faster download. Unzipped, each volume converts to MS WORD format to allow you to add comments, copy into reports, term papers, or sermon notes, or to make as many alterations as you want to your backup copy.


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