About David Harris Walker

Undergraduate Education

The author of The LEARNER’S GREEK NEW TESTAMENT Series, David Harris Walker, grew enamored with NT language studies before he entered his first class as a student at Washington Bible College. After 2 years of Greek studies and 3 years there, he transferred to Roberts Wesleyan College near Rochester, N.Y.

Post-graduate Education

After college graduation, David entered Colgate Rochester Divinity School for another year of Greek study. Afterwards enrolling in the Master of Arts program offered by Wheaton College, he took 2 more years of Greek, translating through the Synoptic Gospels and most other portions of the New Testament. During this time, he realized the tedium of using a printed lexicon all but guaranteed that few students would proceed beyond formal courses. Few students continue to learn, translate and move deeper into the riches of the Greek New Testament. Students severely needed a shortcut, one that laid out the word renderings for each verse and thereby eliminated the hard work of repeated word look-up.

A Masterpiece Envisioned and Produced

With the advent of the personal computer and the electronic lexicon keyed to the individual Greek words, he began the long journey to prepare such a book and, including the 2nd edition, finished it 16 years later. The massive book was broken into several smaller volumes with detailed information. This helped to transform complicated language structure into easy-to-understand and easy-to-translate passages.

Early field testing showed that a person decades out of Greek classes can renew his long forgotten studies easily. They can read and translate verses without the prohibitive time requirements of earlier days. Now, even the weak student of the Greek New Testament is able to excel. This series results in learning Greek New Testament made easy.

If you would like to know more about the series, please feel free access the online store. Or you can contact me, David Harris Walker. I pray this series helps you better enjoy the Greek New Testament.

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