The Learner’s Greek New Testament Series (LGNT) permits a person to translate NT Greek passages without referencing any other source. First, it displays the Greek text. Next it renders every word, phrase, idiom and clause, confirmed by references to over 20 different published translations. Where appropriate, it provides multiple renderings based on the many possible ways a word can be translated to convey the original writer’s intent.

Similar to information found in abbreviated lexicons, additional reference material shows how a word translates throughout the NT in different contexts. In short order, the student understands why they can render a verse in several different but equally valid ways. Also this book series parses every verbal form and gives a rendering specific to the word in its context.

The LGNT is possibly the most thorough and useful quick reference work available to English speaking students of the Greek New Testament (GNT). In time, the need for Greek reference tools diminishes. Consequently launching the student into a lifetime of joyful study, research and reading. Furthermore, The Learner’s Greek New Testament Series Greek translation guide helps you do that. Also you can save money and get the Full set. I hope you enjoy them all. Also you can view a preview above. Please feel free to contact me with questions.

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