Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians – LGNT 2nd-ed

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Paul’s Letters to the Thessalonians. Translation guide by David Harris Walker.  The LEARNER’S GREEK NEW TESTAMENT Series. 2nd Edition.  209 pages. View Sneak Peek: LGNT-PEEK-INSIDE-1-AND-2-Thessalonians

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The Learner’s Greek New Testament Series (LGNT) permits a person to translate NT Greek passages without referencing any other source. First, it displays the Greek text then renders every word, phrase, idiom and clause. Where appropriate, it provides multiple renderings based on the many compliant ways a word can be translated to convey the original writer’s possible intent. Lexicographical discussions accompany most words in a mode like the information found in abbreviated lexicons. Accompanying the various potential translations of a word are Greek-English examples to show verses where a word is translated in its different ways. Along with the renderings, every verbal form is parsed as it is encountered verse-by-verse.

All the tedious look-up and print-out work is already done. Your time is now devoted to learning, not editing. The LGNT is possibly one of the most thorough and useful quick-reference works available to English speaking students of the Greek New Testament (GNT). In time, reference tools like this one will guide the student into a lifetime of joyful study, research and reading.

To take a brief look into each volume, click the book cover and then click the PEEK INSIDE link. If you decide you want to acquire all the volumes for your reference library, you can save 33% when you purchase the Full set at one time.   If you have questions, observations or suggestions, please express them at [email protected].

All volumes in The LEARNER’S GREEK NEW TESTAMENT Series are transmitted in zip format to allow a faster download. When unzipped, each volume reverts to pdf format because it is readable by all operating systems on all computers with an ebook reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader DC or Calibre. Please be wise and make backups to avoid loss when the digital device you use crashes.


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